Fresh, Local Fruit

we partner with local farms and all of our pops are hand-crafted for fresh and wonderful flavors and textures.

as farmers, buying local is important to us and we knew it needed to be an integral piece of our ice pops. because we are buying most of our ingredients locally, many of our ice pops are seasonal...following the growing season.


Hulling Strawberries
Processing Strawberries

Each fruit undergoes a different process to become a pop.

finally the super secret recipe is made, it gets poured into the pop molds, sticks go in, they spend a little time in the freezer,

package - label - VOILA!

fruits and berries are first washed and dried
then strawberries are hulled, peaches are pitted, apples are cored
and depending on the effect we are going for...
the fruits are then  mashed or juiced